The Scala - Part 1: History and myth (2001)

The Scala is a legend, it is worldfamous. There are a few opera houses of its class. The baritone Rolando Paneirei told us:"when entering the Scala and saying "I have sung in the MET in New York" nobody will be impressed, but when entering a theatre of the world saying "I have sung in the Scala" then will be clear that you are a made singer, you have reached everything. The first part of the documentation tells the history of the Scala with all myths. A special chapter is the relation of Verdi to the Scala which has been rich in conflicts. Today you cannot imagine the Scala without Verdi, but at that time... By means of stories we reconstruct what happened in this house and give a chance to the most important protagonists to speak: maestro Guillini, the soprano Leyla Gencer, the producer Franco Sefirelli, the historian Lorenzo Arruga and notably all those guiding us with passionate enthusiasm through the legend of the Scala.

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Script: Cuini AmelioOrtiz, Alessandro Turci
Directing: Cuini AmelioOrtiz
Camera: Hector Navarrete, Federica Miglio
Sound: Alejandro Cardenas
Drawings: Hector Navarrete
Editing: Cuini AmelioOrtiz
Production manager Italy: Alessandro Turci
Production manager Germany: Annette Rupp

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